Branding and Marketing

Often misunderstood or mistrusted, Christian branding and marketing is not about turning your ministry into a “business;” it’s about getting your message out to the people you want to reach. In teaching leaders on this subject at leading Christian conventions, we’ve covered theological and philosophical issues, along with the academic, scientific and artistic aspects. Our team members bring the unique perspective that comes from years of working with leading ministries, local churches and the corporate world as well, including some of the biggest brands in the world. No matter where we are teaching, sharing or working with clients – and whatever the topic – social media, market research, communications strategies, brand culture – there’s always enthusiasm, good questions and practical answers to elevate your message to the next level!

You’ve raised our ability to communicate our passion to a whole new level.
-John and Lisa Bevere (International Best Selling Authors and Founders of Messenger International)

Watch a one minute video about helping churches and ministries grow and extend their outreach through building their Brand Identity.

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