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THE REVOLUTION: eBooks are NOW POISED TO OUTSELL paperbacks, and the ENHANCED eBOOK is the future here and now.

You’re in the midst of a publishing and communications revolution that HAS LEVELED the playing field for authors who embrace this new enhanced eBook medium now. Don’t let your content get “shelved” for good.

Apple sold 14 million iPads in 2010 alone, and tablet sales are expected to reach 81 million in 2012. In January, Amazon sold MORE eBooks than paperbacks, and Association of American Publishers show eBook sales up 115.8%.

The publishing world has changed “overnight” and this creates opportunity for authors. Enhanced eBook Publishing is the future of the book, reaching mass audiences who are hungry for more than just text on a page. This is your opportunity to partner with our creative team and actually re-imagine what a book is! Whatever impact you’re looking for with your message, we can craft the best experience for your audience through an enhanced eBook.

Vaughn Street is the EXCLUSIVE representation for the leading publisher of enhanced eBooks in the Christian market, and can offer select authors a publishing contract now.

Enhanced eBook Development - Vook Logo Vaughn Street is Vook’s exclusive creative development partner to Christian publishers and authors for enhanced eBook publishing.

Why an enhanced eBook?

Along with this shift in reading and viewing comes the Vook enhanced eBook, uniting the worlds of books and videos into one blended story. We now have exclusive access to this innovative platform where all forms of media (text, video, audio, social networking, web browsing, and more) come together to create a new experience for your audience.

With our exclusive eBook publishing and distribution partnership with the leader in enhanced eBook publishing and development, Vook, we can immediately:

  • Get your titles developed as enhanced eBooks (Vooks)
  • Bring them to market quickly
  • At a fraction of the normal cost
  • Handle all the approvals, eBook publishing and distribution for you (Apple, Android, etc)
  • Create another sales channel for people to find your work (and have it featured next to best selling authors like Seth Godin, Tom Peters, Stephen R. Covey, Deepak Chopra, and others.)

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