Fundraising Services

Fundraising, donor development and sales are words many ministries shy away from, and understandably so. Ministry is about serving; it’s not a commercial enterprise. Yet the message of Christ as Lord is the most important message of all time and ministry requires a balanced scriptural approach to resources and support. Many people are actually waiting for an opportunity to support worthy ministry. Additionally many ministries have excellent products that their audience would benefit from greatly.

Significant donor development, fundraising services and sales support are another part of the Vaughn Street team’s strategy for going to the next level in your ministry’s vision.

In my opinion, the Seize the Future brochure was the best I have seen in my 30 years of fundraising. I have seen scores of capital campaign brochures. Most are boiler plate. This one was fresh, engaging and pitched to 21st century audiences. From what the team at the Tabernacle tells me, you met the threefold test of excellence in a company: quality, time and value.
-Dr. Gary Kellner, Executive Director, International Center for Christian Leadership

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