Mobile App Development

In today’s culture, church mobile apps and ministry mobile apps are expected.

Vaughn Street is now providing mobile appdevelopment for its clients. See below for tons of great ideas for how ministry mobile app development can serve you and your audiences:

Outreach Module

Feature ministry outreach programs within the mobile application, highlighting compelling stories and results and encouraging relational and community activity and involvement, as well as giving. A 3D spinning globe of the earth would show markers representing different areas where the ministry is reaching the world. Included would be text, photos and videos where applicable.

Everyday Answers Module

This mobile app module would include a searchable catalogue of content with free and paid content in the form of product or resource recommendations based on a particular topic. For products that require purchase, users would be directed to a mobile app web page to purchase.

Daily Message Module

A daily scripture, audio or video message could be “pushed out” to the mobile application user. From this daily message the user could then reflect on that by journaling a limited amount of text, uploading it via the mobile app, and saving it to an online devotional that we would create for each user. Additionally the daily message could be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Small Group and Local Module

This church mobile app (or para church mobile application) module would provide the user with the ability to find small groups and local resources to connect with others that meet for small group bible study and/or ministry discussion, etc.

Media Module

This module would feature audio and video exclusive to application users. Additionally (licensing would need to be cleared) offer streaming music from artists at ministry conferences and allow users to stream select songs, portions of songs and be able to purchase the music through iTunes or Amazon or directly from ministry.

Social Module

This church mobile app (or para church mobile application) module would integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other popular social networking tools.

Event and/or TV Schedule Module

A church mobile app (or ministry mobile application) user could see a list of all of ministry events and itinerary (speaking engagements, conferences, etc in their area) and they could add that event to their mobile calendar, register for the conference/event if needed and be reminded of the event through their mobile calendar. Additionally we would provide a tab for users to put in their zip code and cable or satellite provider to get a list of channels and times when programming is on TV or web.

Donor Module
  • Be more effective and expand interaction with donors and prospects.
  • Create hybrid mobile apps that include a public section for donors and prospects, and a password-protected section for ministry or fundraising staff.
  • Gift officers and stewardship teams can:
    • Send out real time campaign or ministry updates,
    • Provide digital VIP cards to big donors,
    • Share thank you/testimonial videos from recipients,
    • Present PowerPoints and project details, testimonies and praise reports and building plans via the mobile application,
    • Hold virtual meetings,
    • Give behind-the scenes tours,
    • Augment fundraising events,
    • …and much more
  • Integrate Donor module with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Flickr, etc.
  • Makes a powerful impression when you take a donor prospect to lunch and show up-to-the-minute, interactive presentations on a phone or iPad
  • Monitor feedback to all your communications in real time, and quickly respond or adjust accordingly to gain maximum relationship with donors and prospects.

Examples of Event or Conference Mobile App Features and Functionality:

Daily Schedule Module

Allows the daily schedule and events at your Conference to be posted and updated to a person’s mobile device. Before the conference you could use this section for registration and pre trip planning and pre-sales and product offers, etc.

Local Attractions & Resource Module

Users can get directions, find restaurants, transportation, lodging through the mobile application. Make reservations, have important numbers built right into the listings for sponsors and advertisers. (You may be able to RAISE FUNDS to support the mobile application by offering advertising to sponsors or local vendors!).

QR Reader Module

Include a QR reader built within your mobile app that allows users to use their camera to scan a QR barcode to receive exclusive offers, information or anything else you may want to provide.

Social Module

Using Twitter you could setup a special conference Twitter account and tweet behind the scenes photos, contest and giveaways. You could also capture Tweets from attendees and chose ones to display on the screens within the arena during breaks.

Product and/or Giving Module

Users could easily give donations or purchase resources or products available at the conference through a page connected to the mobile app and then pick them up at a designated area at the conference. We could also provide coupons within the application that could be shown or scanned for additional savings on product.

Create Excitement and Involvement - Interactive Module

Push out questions, answers, multiple choice questions etc during the conference that would allow the ministry to ask questions and get immediate feedback that could be accessed and shared back out to the audience. Create fun and interactivity at your conferences: A great way to use mobile application development to connect people and build an exciting way for the audience to truly get involved!

Highlight Module - Build Community

Use the mobile app to showcase conference highlights, featuring audio, video and photos. During the conference you could take video and photos and upload them to the mobile app for people to see during the conference. They could have the option to share the photos to Facebook or Twitter. After the conference you could use the application to feature news and info for next year’s conference, any of the timely conference dependent sections would be made dormant or feature a graphic to promote next year’s event.

Mobile App Development Summary:
We will work closely with your team to generate ideas and functions and the graphics and icons for mobile app development along with any other user interface visuals. Or your team can design the graphics for the mobile app, or we can repurpose existing graphics you supply to us. Whichever you choose we will work to make an enjoyable and successful mobil app development and deployment process.
Lead-time for mobile app development is about 4-6 weeks dependent upon the features decided for the final builds and any dependencies required interfacing with your internal platform.

Our mobile app development team has developed over 150 applications, and we have excellent standings with Apple for iOS approval. Your mobile app will be available for iPhones, iPods, iPads and Android devices. Blackberry can also be supported for an additional cost, though not all functionality will be available.

We look forward to working with you as your church mobile app or ministry mobile app development partner.

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